We are a US based Search engine optimization firm specializing in Internet marketing. Our SEO Company offers affordable SEO Services, Internet marketing services and link building campaigns designed to increase rankings naturally. We help companies of all sizes with search engine optimization services by creating search engine marketing strategies that are tailored for each site. Our SEO services and Internet marketing services can help generate sales for your business while increasing website traffic naturally. Our Internet marketing experts can develop an organic search engine optimization strategy or link building campaign that is specifically designed for your products and services.

We are business people too, and like you we understand that every investment must produce results for your company. Whether that money is being spent on additional sales staff, new equipment, or on attaining high search engine positioning by hiring a professional SEO services company; that investment must generate revenue for the success of your company. How better to bring in more revenue than by having top organic rankings on the major search engines for well-searched competitive phrases!

You want to spend less time worrying about your site's ranking in the search engines, and more time working on your business. To help you reach your goals, engage our rapidly growing and well trained professional staff to provide turnkey, web-based business services for pennies on the dollar compared to similar services.

No lengthy sales pitch. We will come right to the point. We are going to give Big G exactly what it wants when it comes to links point back to your site, quality authority-type backlinks with a lot of variety and diversity.

Here are some examples of what you will get:

Web 2.0 Properties: Pointing to your money site with your primary and secondary keywords as anchor text. Spun Content.

Wiki Links (Including high PR and .edu wikis): Pointing to your money sites with your primary and secondary keywords as anchor text. Unique usernames and highly spun content. Although most of the wiki links are nofollow, still they carry a high authority and value for search engines.

Social Bookmarks: Never lost its value in SEO. Pointing to your money site.

Social Signals: The new standard for effective SEO (Penguin loves it). Pointing to your money site.

Penguin Friendly High PR Forum Links (PR1 - PR6)with Generic Anchor texts like 'click here' etc are used. Provides keyword diversity.

Penguin Friendly Low PR Links with Generic Anchor texts like 'click here' etc are used. Provides keyword diversity.

Multi-tiered linking to the links that are pointing to your main site giving the first tier links a real boost.

Secret Sauce: Now this is where my SEO skills comes into the picture. Since 1998 we have been working as full time webmasters and SEO consultants. Sorry, we cannot give away our secrets here. The competition is always checking at what we do.

We may also provide some suggestions about the onpage SEO of your page (after the Panda updates, its not advisable to have over optimized pages).

Altogether you will get at least 3500+ backlinks providing you with huge anchor text and IP diversity. This is absolute NO BRAINER. Go ahead and grab it now before we raise the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Link Building Service


What do you do to my website?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer as no two sites are the same. That said, we will evaluate your keywords, your competition and your website structure and content and develop a strategy to get your website top rankings. This can include onsite optimization (the adjustment of your meta tags, link structure, content, etc.), link building including submitting your website to applicable directories, reciprocal link building and whatever else may be required.

Why is link building important for high search engine rankings?

Link popularity (the number of websites linking to your site) is an extremely important factor in search engine optimization. The more related links pointing to your website and the more valuable the links the stronger your site will be considered by the major search engines. While not a replacement for solid on-site optimization, quality link-building will dramatically enhance the effects of good search engine optimization.

How important are meta tags?
Meta tags have lost a lot of their weight in recent years. Since meta tags do not appear as visible text to a site visitor they have been subject to misuse from unethical SEO's and webmasters and thus, the weight they are now given is extremely low. Nonetheless, meta tag optimization is still a part of an over-all strategy.

My site is created in Flash, will this affect my rankings?

This question is very difficult to answer. Recent announcements have indicated that Adobe and Google have worked out a method for indexing Flash sites. That said, if your website is developed in flash it is recommended at this time to create HTML pages with an option on the homepage to go to this version of the site.

Do you use spam tactics or "Black Hat" techniques in your optimization?

The short answer to this question is "no". Short-term gains attained through black-hat SEO tactics will generally be negated by the loss that will be felt when the site gets penalized and/or blacklisted. Depending on the situation we may recommend some of the grey-hat SEO tactics however only when required and legitimate. Our main goal is to attain and maintained high rankings for our clients, not a quick hop up to #1 only to drop out of the rankings altogether shortly thereafter.

Last time I checked you were offering a slightly different package. Why the change?

SEO is an ever changing field. Search engines like Google keep updating their algorithms. So accordingly I try to offer the most efficient package to my clients. Hence I keep adding new sources and variety of backlinks. This package is last updated on May 31, 2013

Do I need to provide articles or any other content?

No. Just provide me the URL and Keywords and I will do everything else. Sit back and relax.

Are these links anchored?

Most of them will have your keywords as anchor text. But some of them will not have targeted anchor text. Now, you will need a mix of keyword-targeted and generic anchor text to get results.

Are these links dofollow?

They are a mix of dofollow and nofollow. This makes the link building process looks natural (in terms of search engines).

Do you accept adult, gambling, xxx etc websites for this service?

No. I only accept family friendly sites only for this package.

What is the turn around time?

15-30 days depending upon the work load and order queue.

Will you provide any reports?

I will provide you the complete report after the work is completed.

I paid for the order but wasn't redirected to order form/ closed my browser. What should I do?

Just open a support ticket and we will get everything resolved.

What is the refund policy?

I will refund you if I fail to deliver the complete link reports as mentioned above in time frame specified.

What is blacklisting?

A site can be blacklisted if unethical search engine optimization tactics have been used or if the search engine algorithm determines that it believes they have been. It can be very difficult to recover from a blacklisting, often it is easier to simply use another domain with a new site and move forward from there after cleaning out whatever spam tactic got you banned.

Will I have to create more content to attain high search engine rankings?

The answer here is a solid "maybe". Depending on the competition levels, the size of your existing site and the site sizes of your main competitors, you may or may not have to develop additional content. If it is necessary, don't think of it as a curse but rather an opportunity to further educate your visitors, show them why your offering is superior, that you know what you're talking about, and also take the opportunity to write this content to target related but slightly different keywords.

My competitors are using spam tactics, why is it working for them?

Not all spam is easily detected by the major search engines. Like hackers, every time a method gets detected a new method is created to bypass this. That said, it is usually a matter of time before the algorithm will be changed to detect new spam tactics and further, sites using spam can be reported and penalized individually. If you choose to use spam tactics to attain rankings there is a high likelihood that your site will eventually be penalized. That said, if you find that your competitors are succeeding using such tactics do yourself a favor and the search engine users at the same time by reporting search engine spam to the engines.